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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Thank You Little Paper Boy

I finally, after months of fruitless searching (and fruitless whining on the internet) managed to get hold of a copy of Supernatural S6 on DVD a week or so back. My fears of once more falling massively behind; since all you dirty downloaders have already seen S7 and those with Sky and it's ilk were about to; fell by the wayside and I gleefully jumped headfirst into the creamy Winchester goodness, devouring episodes like I haven't devoured a show since Falcon Crest.

So naturally, the choice of topic for this week's post was as no-brainery as no-brainers get. Without further ado, I give you

Eerie, Indiana is one of those shows from my younger years that I know I watched all of, but only have the vaguest of memories of most of it. I remember Elvis, I remember the Mom (who would go on to much greater success as the Mom in Dawsons Creek) and I remember the creepy little kid with the '-' and '+' signs on his hand.

I remember John Astin being in it, and being great, though nothing about the actual part he played, and I remember the episode with the braces and the dogs. (That right there was a concept that wouldn't have shamed The Twilight Zone)

There are other snippets that I can recall, such as the brilliantly naff opening titles with the inspired theme music. Chills, you'd get from that music. Chills, I tell you!

Far from any specifics of plot or character, though, the thing I really think of when I contemplate Eerie Indiana; less often than the show deserves, but more often, I suspect, than anyone else I know; is just a vague feeling of having seen a classic. Do you ever have that feeling? That book, show or film, where you can't remember anything that happened in it, but you are nevertheless utterly convinced that it was great? Anyway...

I was somewhat taken aback to learn that the show had been revived, albeit for a short time only, as Eerie Indiana: The Other Dimension, with a whole new cast (one assumes because the original leads had grown too old). It would seem my finger was somewhat further away from the pulse than I generally like, in this case.

I've yet to see any of this revival, and though comments I read at the time would indicate that it maybe wasn't the classic it's predecessor was, it's very high on my list of things I want to see. First though, I'm going to relive my teens (Oh the Horror!!!) and treat myself to a rewatch of the original stone classic. When next I go a-shopping for Quest goodies I'll see if I can't scout it out, otherwise I may visit your friend and mine, Herr Y. Rohr. Either way, Omri Katz and his hot mom are going in my eyeballs sometime soon.

Sexy Mum

Anyone who can tell me why watching S6 of Supernatural prompted a post about vague memories of a 90's kids show, comment away. Get it right and win a prize. The reason may be obscure, but there is one.

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