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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Big Green Beast

X-Men and Spider-Man. X-Men and Spider-Man. For many years it seemed that X-Men and Spider-Man were destined to forever be the big guns in Marvel's arsenal no matter what anyone, Marvel included, tried to do to change that. At least in the minds of the general public at large.

The last couple of years have seen Marvel make great strides in launching successful franchises for some of their other characters, with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America; and to a slightly lesser extent The Hulk; hitting it big, and the upcoming Avengers movie looking like being a very big deal but go back more than a couple of years and things were very different indeed.

Be it Daredevil and its sort-of-sequel Elektra, The Fantastic Four, Punisher or of course Ghost Rider, none of the Marvel adaptations that were gracing cinema screens could seem to get close to the success of the X-Men and Spider-Man franchises. And it had ever been thus.

Back in the 90's Marvel produced X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons that ran for years; we all watched them and we all loved them. But they also produced Iron Man, Fantastic Four and Hulk cartoons; none of which managed a fraction of the success, nor the longevity. Where they inferior shows? Well, in the case of the FF and Iron Man shows I can't tell you, because I have no memory of ever having seen them but I recently watched the Hulk cartoon and I can honestly say that, at least in it's first season, it was actually a far stronger production than either of it's more successful stablemates.

Here be my thoughts. If you wanna hear them. (I apologise that it's quite long, but this is my first attempt at something like this. I'll get better, hopefully, in time.)

And as a special treat, we have the Goblin's views on the same show. He's a bit more eloquent than I am, to be fair.

And that's the thoughts in our house on the 90's Hulk cartoon. Hope you're leaving us feeling enlightened, educated and of course entertained. Or like you've just wasted half an hour. Whichever.

He shoulda smashed her.
Come back next week when I shall have a top 5 for you, since I haven't done one for a good while.

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