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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Awesome Relaunch! Kinda. Ok, not really.

Hello, and welcome once more to The Impossible Quest. It's been a while, so it has, but never fear, we're back in business. Almost.

Next Wednesday - make a note in your diaries - should see the first post on a new look Quest. Well, I say new look... basically, it'll look exactly the same, read exactly the same and, you know, be exactly the same, apart from one or two little tweaks.

I'm gonna stick a few links over on the right there; to some podcasts and whatnot about various shows, (and if you listen to more than a couple of episodes of any of them you'll be ahead of me, because I'm notorious for downloading shedloads and then forgetting to listen to them), and I'm planning to replace the blog list too. Most of them will find their way onto my book blog (as will an entry very similar to this; cut and paste, me?) and will be replaced with a few that are, funnily enough, TV related. (If you have any interest in television production at all, and you aren't reading Ken Levine's blog, you are seriously missing out).

Also, I'll have a list of lovely lovely twitter peoples that you should follow. Not celebs, but people that are great fun to shoot the proverbial brown stuff with regarding the telly. And isn't that all any of us really want?

So, yeah, a few minor changes to make the format a little more consistent and we'll be up and running and back to business as usual in no time. Upcoming shows I'll be writing about will include Spartacus (HIS WIFE HAS VISIONS SO IT'S FANTASY SO LEAVE ME ALONE IT HAS BOOBIES AND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE BOOBIES), Dangermouse (oh, yes), Edge of Darkness (really looking forward to this one) and a round-up of recent US pilots. Oh, and of course Supernatural, since I said shortly before disappearing from these parts that I'd be writing up my thoughts of S1 'imminently' (it'll now be S1-S3).

Until next week then. (And if I don't post, after all this, please leave me a shedload of abusive comments on here. Or you could send me hate tweets, those are always good motivators.)

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