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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Catsuits, sex and fond farewells.

Righto, little bit of a placeholder, stream of consciousness waffle post this week. You see, I vowed to myself that this was the week that all of my blogs would get back to running on their regular schedule and to that end spent most of the last weekend slaving over a hot laptop to make sure I had someting lined up. Then some of my 'too frequent to be funny anymore' laptop woes (oh for the funds to replace it) struck and the planned post is stuck in limbo for the time being. So instead, you get this rubbish...

I recently spent 4 days(4 DAYS!)completely unable to remember Julie Newmars name. "Who is the hottest Catwoman ever?" was the question posed by one of my pseudo-colleagues. Only one possible answer to a question like that of course but could I Hell pull the name from the pits of my so called memory. It was only when I heard Eartha Kitts name mentioned on the radio later that week (why did that jog my memory?, God knows)that the answer popped into my head. So of course, I promptly blurted it out, to the complete bemusement of everyone in the room at the time (none of whom had been part of the original conversation). Such are the highlights of my life.

Watching The Vampire Diaries recently it occured to me that this show has an incredibly casual approach to teenage sex. They don't agonise over it and when it happens they don't make a big deal and immediately set about 'punishing' the participants. It's refreshing.

Being Human S3 built to a rousing finish. Killing off Herrick, for good this time, was sad, if probably for the best but it was the double bluff, will they/won't they way that Mitchells story ended that really made the episode for me. A cracking finale all round and one that even Russell Tovey couldn't spoil. Although,as I opined on twitter at the time, just think how good that final scene could have been were he not so utterly utterly devoid of any acting ability whatsoever. Just think.

Still, Hooray for Nina surviving.

There you go. Actually, that wasn't too bad was it? Maybe I should make these things up on the spot more often.

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